Secure FTP

Secure FTP 2.6

Secure FTP is a Java-based FTPS client application

Secure FTP is an FTPS client application that can be used from its intuitive graphical user interface or by means of the command line facility. With this capability, the application can be set to run from customer made programs.

The Secure FTP application can be run in FTP mode (plain text data) over SSL or FTPS sites, with encrypted connections using the 256-bit AES standards, for secure data transfers. This client program is compliant with RFC 2228 and RFC 4217 regulations for SSL type connections. The encryption is applied both on the command and on the information (data) channels.

The user interface displays two different panels: the left one represents the user PC, and the right one the remote machine (server site).

'Drag and drop' is a welcome facility for navigating into 'dropped' folders on the interface left panel (which corresponds to the user local PC). Drag and drop is also supported for transferring files or folders from local to remote (upload) or remote to local (download).

The application appearance is very clear and the interface is easy to use. It supports CCC (Clear Command Channel) as well as Socks proxy.

The program is multilingual and its user interface can be set to operate using over 6 different languages from English to Brazilian Portuguese.

Ignacio Solves
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  • The user interface is very simple and easy to learn
  • The home application is totally free


  • The free commercial application will operate for 30 days only
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